Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thursdays will be CFNM day....

Miss X has announced that Thursdays wil be CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male) days. When I arrive from work, I am to be disrobe, put my clothes away and remian nude and at Her service all weeknight.

More to follow!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Taunt

This weekend was hectic, with both Miss X and I working, and doing some much needed shopping. I'm typing on a new computer and jsut getting used to Vista. See, i truly am a masochist, I use Microsoft products.
But she did get an opportunity to tease me quite wickedly, ordering me to stroke for her while she told me how hungry she is for a new lover. Of course, I was not allowed relief. Sometimes, she’ll let me know she’s going to bed in the nude while I am relegated to the second bedroom.

She has what I call her “Genie” bottle. A decadent room filled with candles , a $1,000 bed ensemble, with lux pillows, high thread count sheets and moody lighting. It’s a colorful Byzantine-Asian-Deco room that looks like the fanciest parlor car on the Orient Express circa 1935. Sometimes, I am allowed to slip into her girl-cave while she is nude and I am locked in my frustrating cage.

Today, she came into our “normal” bedroom and casually read the paper in the nude while I fetched for her. She delights at the roiliung effect thsi has onme that I must keep in check. Later, a 25 year old she’s done here and there for the last two years called with her and she enjoyed a silly conversation while I pathetically stood by ready to serve her.
She rejoices in my chastity and ofen grabs my falls and remarks on how full they are.
This should be an interesting week.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cuckold Reality with Tips for Bulls

When you surf the various D/s, male chastity and cuckold sites, you see a lot of fantasy. And when it works it well, it is amazingly sexy and fun for everyone. The big lie in D/s is that one party has all the power. The truth is, there is compromise whenever you have two people. So the key is to find common ground, draw boundaries and then play within the lines. Of course over time, once trust and a certain comfort level is reached, the boundaries can be expanded. And the process of finding boundaries is not always pretty. Let me give you an example:

My gorgeous girlfriend and Mistress found a guy she really grooved with and they played hard and loud in the other room while I listened in excited frustration. When he came, she came pouncing into the bedroom and had me lick up all his jizz, happily calling me her cum pig. HOT!? Indeed. Hearing her moan and groan for hours was wicked. She had several encounters and it was a lot of fun.

But he wanted a friend and buddy to hang around with. This is not viable when you have a couple with busy lives. Its also obnoxiously presumptive.

More troubles rubs: We’ve only been together a year and some change. Miss X and I are not (yet) married, so I have a little less solidity than if we were. I became a little hissy when she wanted to see him a couple days in a row. That combined with a few encounters she had with lovers who decided seeing her was a date time gave me unfounded fearful feelings. I don’t get jealous of her having lots of hot sex, I do get troubled by her spending lots of “quality time” with these blokes. Fair or not, its messy.

So here are some tips for bulls:

  • Don’t be a macho Dom to the wife or g/f of a cuck. You can be a hot powerful lover without games and posturing. My wife is a Domme, she’s not looking for a guy to Dom her. I’m sub, if anyone is going to be Dom’ed, it would naturally be me.

  • Buy her a drink or two, not three or four.

  • Never go "dutch". If you can't treat her to a cocktail, don't go!

  • Keep your get-togethers reasonably short : two hours, three maybe.

  • Be respectful to her. Manners count.

After discussing my fears and concerns with my benevolent Mistress, we agreed that to start, she’d not see any one lover more than twice per month. This helped alleviate that fear that she’d fall in love with another, or spend day after day with a guy.

Another troubling realization for me is sex itself. My g/f has a voracious sexual appetite. And frankly, I’ve been with a lot of women in my life. But Miss X has this sexual aura and demands quality and for the first time, I am off put by “the act”. I desire her with every fiber of my body, but there’s a maddening, vexing mentality I have that she deserves guys with bigger cocks and I should abstain. Much more often than not,I feel compelled to resist, rather than pursue the opportunity for sex with her. I never wanted a woman more, and yet relish denial. This frustrates her and me . Its intimidating. Has any other cuck reading this had that experience? It is agonizing, deeply humiliating, euphic, puzzling, fun and irritating. I dont' want to let Her down.

Lastly is the attempt to find a lover. She uses Craigslist and has good luck, the process is time consuming. Why do so many men feel compelled to reply with idiotic one liners? Write an interesting paragraph back with a good solid picture including a face. If you live in Seattle, follow the rules and have a decent cock you just might be fucking her soon!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Locked and Loaded!

The amazing gnawing feeling of desire lingers as I am locked in a CB-2000 chastity device.

Last night my gorgeous Mistress allowed me to snuggle in bed with her. She was nude and I could smell her hair, and feel her warm soft skin. My little cock strained against the cage as she told me how she was craving some thick young hard cock. Mistress is a short term hiatus from cock, self imposed, but her need is growing. She taunted with such cleverness, her fingers floating across my skin, gliding over my goosebumps like a catamaran cruising across waves. Driving me insane, Knowing she can fuck whomever she pleases while I have to beg for rediculed release.

She so enjoys me locked up, servile and wanting. Anxious to please. No particular punsihment today, other than enduring my own twisted desires of a man without access to his "manhood".

I did have a great idea though! A Keen listing that allows YOU, precious reader, to call and direct Miss X to do things to me. We’ll describe the toys at hand, and you do what you will. If interested, our Keen profile is “humiliatedhubby”.

Last thought..PLEASE leave a comment if you like our blogs. Miss X thrives off feedback…

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spending time in chastity...

I've finally begun to wear a CB-2000 chastity device. Perhaps the most thrilling aspect is watching my Mistress wear the key on a delicate gold chain, just long enough that it hangs teasingly between her beautiful breasts.

She's taken a two week break from doing other lovers due to work and life events, but the teasing and torment for me is incredibly erotic. I feel 20x more submissive when locked up and helpless.

Last week, I played hooky from work and we had a fantastic mid-day date in Ballard, a trendy, old-yet-posh section of Seattle. We went to a wine bar called Portalis and finished a great bottle of Washington wine, a blend of bold reds. Of course, we did a little shopping for her all on my dime. But mostly we had a nice chat about us and our future.

She made a point of checking out the hot men, sometimes insitnctively playing with the key.

On the way home, she asked me perhaps the most humilating question for a man I can think of. She asked me if I'd prefer never to f@@@ her again. And, I answered "yes". She laughed and told me that was "really twisted" and to my shock and delight she liked the idea.!!

Only a cuckold could understand, but I never more in love with her than at that moment.

She is in Oregon now and I am nine days since an orgasm...Updates soon!

Friday, August 10, 2007

A week of cocks for her!

What an amazing few days! For the last few weeks my lady has been telling me to be prepared, because she’ll be fucking someone soon. Sometimes, the ebb and flow of life keeps you from exploring your desires.

First a little back round: We are boyfriend and girlfriend, headed full throttle to marriage. I love her so deeply and I often remember an early connection with her when I told about her cuckolding and she said to me with lusty glee “You mean I can fuck other guys and you can’t have other women??” It was genuine and sincere, I knew we had something exciting in our future.

As time rolled by, we fell more and more love, sharing and exploring our kinky desires in little jolts. She for instance, she likes to hurt me sometimes. A hard face slap, a hard spanking, a punch. She likes to keep me in my place. She sometimes (roughly) shaves me, leaving nothing but facial hair. That is deeply humiliating, being smooth and soft.

The truth is, when you fall in love and bgin to build a life and relationship, sometimes the job of pouring the concrete for the foundation keeps you from other kinky opportunities.

Over the last fourteen months we’ve been together and as for other men, she’s done a couple old friends and here and there and watched some guys jack off for her, but her “threats” of making me a full blown cuckold came true this week. It began with a rather ominous and determined sounding promise that she’d be with other men soon. She was, quite frankly, craving cock and her hesitations were beginning to fade as our relationship has become notably more enduring. She seemed to be rekindled and rejuvenated when I assured her that making fun of my “little” cock was a delight to me and I could tell her mind was engaged.

She started with a Craig’s List ad for a younger, more virile well hung guy for jack-off show, one of her favorite treats.. A very handsome motorcycling hot guy with a thick long cock replied and struck her fancy. We have separate homes for now, and she met this hot-ass guy at her home this past Monday. He arrived around seven and I expected to hear from her by nine p.m. It’s our arrangement that she’ll contact me immediately afterwards. Hours ticked by and Mondays are a difficult long day for me at work. I went to sleep but awoke at midnight to their lusty email explaining he stayed much longer.

The next day, I heard the deep longing in her voice for him again. What had been a meeting for a jack-off show became her riding his big hefty cock. You can imagine the swell of jealously than coursed through me. A much younger, big dicked guy had created this deep gnawing passion in the woman I love. And he unlocked something in her because since Monday, she’s been voracious for cock.

On Tuesday, an old J/O pal of hers came by her place, put on a show, and stuck fingers deep inside her pussy. And her lust kept growing, her desire to see get that big young cock buried inside her was spreading like a wildfire.

On Wednesday, she came to my urban penthouse in a fashionable section of Seattle. This time, she had three hours worth of drinks with another friend of her which ended up in her giving him some head and then him shooting two thick loads across he face and chest. I was parked nearby and she had me come upstairs immediately, had me kneel at the bedside and she said “lick it up cum pig”. I’m not sure if she really knew how much this meant to me. I thrive on humiliation and when we first met, this was a little off-putting to her. She is now beginning to see that to a cuck, this is a deep form of love. The deep humiliation of having no control over your lady, who fucks whomever she pleases. She grown to really enjoy this. The power, the thrill, the freedom to explore her desire, and the stability I provide. I greedily licked up all the cum from her, proud to be the little pig. She was watching with a wicked smile and the truth is, though there was a lot of cum, I wished I had taken my time to get more. Honestly. the tougher the humiliation, the more submissive I become and the easier it is to be a cuckold! I know her confidence is growing in this area. This felt like an important moment fro us in our D/s relationship. It was true degradation that she seemed to love, and a way for me to show my utter humility and ability to do something that a man “shouldn’t do”. Like her need for more cock, I am craving more cum.

But this week was just warming up. On Thursday, she was crazy with lust and placed another ad for quality cock, and while I was at work. She had TWO men, a rock hard bodied construction worker who had great stamina and a guy she knew from the past Lou, who loves taking another man’s woman. Last night I cam home late to a cum stain the bed , a used condom on the floor, little bottles of lube scattered about and her deep satisfied sleep.

My girlfriend is a zone right now that I’ve never seen. An almost cock-addict state in which she can’t get enough. Occasionally she’ll tease me about their bigger dicks, but right now, she’s just voracious.

As for me. I am excited, jealous, horny, humiliated all at one time, but loving her more than ever. The funny thing is that when I am submissive to her, I am happier and more virile at my work. She half-joked that licking up another man’s cum made me stronger at my job. It might actually be true.

I have no regrets, though I do feel a strong let down after I cum, which is common for this experience. She seems to like to almost force me to cum after her experiences, and I like a true cuck sub, try to resist and deny myself, but can’t see to do it.

But the adventures are just begining, as we are heading out of state and she’s already got a guy lined up there to take her in our hotel week is her birthday, so I am sure the celebration will continue.

She is teasing me here and there about places I’d like to go. Feminization: she had me wear panties once and she brought this up a few days ago.. And more punishment, which frankly I deserve and she’s quite good at it. Am I about to become a sex-denied, cum guzzling, forced-bi, spanked pussy, taken by her strap-on for kicks and attitude?

Time will tell.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Sub Cuck Begins!

The purpose of this blog is to help, inform and illustrate the joy and potential tribulations of a cuckold marriage. I am a submissive male deeply blessed to have a dominate wife who loves to fuck other select men.

This blog will describe her encounters, my feels and the general scope and breadth of cuckolded D/s relationship. Comments and questions are welcome!

About Us: I am a an executive at a large company you'd know. I am a young 47, thrilled to find a vivacious hauntingly beautiful 35 year old hottie honey of a wife who's libedo runs VERY hot. She's quite able to tell me to my face that my cock is not big enough , nor my stamina adequate to satisfy her needs for quality sex. And so the game begins. While I am perfectly sutiable to deliver income and stability, love and compassion, there's an animalistic quality to her finding just the right fuck buddy.

She is also an "occassional sadist" She loves to punish and hurt me, tease and torment. Examples will follow as this blog examples.

Welcome to our world! Enjoy. And PLEASE post comments!